Conference on oligopoly in smaller economies


A morning conference of the Competition Authority on oligopoly in smaller economies was held on 7 April at the Hotel Nordica. Mrs. Valgerður Sverrisdóttir, Minister for Industry and Commerce, opened the conference and the principal speakers were Professor John Kallaugher, visiting professor of law at University College in London, and Professor Friðrik Már Baldursson of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Iceland. In addition to the principal speakers the heads of four Nordic competition authorities gave lectures: Claes Norgren from Sweden, Finn Lauritzen from Denmark, Knut Eggum Johansen from Norway and Páll Gunnar Pálsson from Iceland. The chairman was Dr. Gylfi Magnússon, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Iceland and Chairman of the Board of the Icelandic Competition Authority. 
The subject of the conference was primarily the means by which government authorities should deal with oligopoly in smaller economies. The following questions were raised: Is there a need for stricter competition rules in smaller economies where concentration is significant and oligopoly is widespread? Should dominant companies be broken up? Is cross-ownership of companies a problem? What are the most effective instruments available to governments to cope with the consequences of increased oligopoly? What is the experience of other countries? What are the main points of focus of the Icelandic Competition Authority? 
The lectures and presentations of the principal speakers and the heads of competition authorities can be accessed below:

John Kallaugher   PowerPoint presentation    
Friðrik Már Baldursson PowerPoint presentation    
Finn Lauritzen PowerPoint presentation    
Eggum Johannsson PowerPoint presentation    
Páll Gunnar Pálsson PowerPoint presentation  Speech in Icelandic    Speech in English 
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