The Competition Appeals Committee

Law_book_and_hammerThe decisions of the Competition Authority may be appealed to an independent committee, the Competition Appeals Committee.  The Committee must receive a written and reasoned appeal within four weeks from the time the party in question was informed of the decision of the Competition Authority. An appeal shall be accompanied by an appeals fee to the amount of 200.000 IKR, which will be repaid if the case is won before the Committee. This fee shall accrue to the Treasury. The Competition Appeals Committee will not consider a complaint unless it is accompanied by the appeals fee. According to the Competition Act, the decision of the Competition Appeals Committee shall be rendered within six weeks from the date of appeal. However, an appeal will not postpone the effect of decisions of the Competition Authority.

The Competition Appeals Committee is composed of three members, with three alternates, appointed by the Minister of Commerce following nomination by the Supreme Court. The chairman and his or her alternate, who also serves as vice-chairman, shall meet the conditions for qualification as Supreme Court judges, but the other members shall possess professional expertise in the field of competition and business. The term of appointment of the Competition Appeals Committee shall be the same as that of the Board of Directors of the Competition Authority.

Competition Appeals Committee members:

Mr Björn Jóhannesson, Supreme Court Attorney, chairman.
Ms Anna Kristín Traustadóttir, Authorized Public Accountant.
Mr Stefán Már Stefánsson, Professor of Law at the University of Iceland.

Alternate members:

Mr Lárus L. Blöndal, Supreme Court Attorney, vice chairman.
Ms Brynhildur Benediktsdóttir, Economist.
Ms Kristín Benediktsdóttir, District Court Attorney.

Committee clerk:

Ms Unnur L. Hermannsdóttir, District Court Attorney.

Committee e-mail:

Telephone +354 849 1309
Fax  +354 530 1801

Please send appeals to the committee to the following address:

The Competition Appeals Committee
c/o Mr Björn Jóhannessson, chairman
Skipholt 50d, 4th floor (Megin lögmannsstofa)
105 Reykjavik

Appeal committee