A group of specialists work at the Icelandic Competition Authority. Most of them have a degree in law, economics or business administration. The Authority aims at having outstanding, knowledgeable and experienced employees in these fields.  Professionalism in recruitment decisions is strongly emphasised by the Authority.



Atli Rúnar Kristinsson

Economist atli [at] samkeppni.is
Ásgeir Einarsson
Deputy director
asgeir [at] samkeppni.is

Árný Jónína Guðmundsdóttir

Lawyer  arny [at] samkeppni.is

Birna Arnardóttir


birna [at] samkeppni.is

Brynja Magnúsdóttir 

Assistant  brynja [at] samkeppni.is
Brynja Jónbjarnardóttir

 Economist On leave

Eva Ómarsdóttir

Division manager

eva [at] samkeppni.is

Eyrún Björk Gestsdóttir

Chief archivist

eyrun [at] samkeppni.is

Guðmundur Sigurðsson

 Economist  gsig [at] samkeppni.is

Guðlaugur Stefansson


gudlaugur [at] samkeppni.is

Guðmundur H. Guðmundsson

Division manager

gudmundurh [at] samkeppni.is

Halldór Hallgrímsson Gröndal

Lawyer  halldor [at] samkeppni.is
Haukur Harðarson 

Communications  haukur.hardarson [at] samkeppni.is  
Heimir Óskarsson
IT & Security  heimir.oskarsson [at] samkeppni.is   

Hulda Ösp Atladóttir


hulda [at] samkeppni.is 

Hulda Hakonardóttir

Division manager

huldah [at] samkeppni.is 

Karítas Margrét Jónsdóttir

Financial manager

 karitas [at] samkeppni.is

Kristín Amalía Líndal


kristin.a.lindal [at] samkeppni.is

Magnus Þór Kristjánsson

Division manager

magnus [at] samkeppni.is

Markús Árni Vernharðsson

 Lawyer markus [at] samkeppni.is

Matthías Davíðsson

 Lawyer matthias [at] samkeppni.is

Ólafur Sigmundsson


olafur.sigmundsson [at] samkeppni.is

Ólafur F. Þorsteinsson


olafur [at] samkeppni.is

Páll Gunnar Pálsson

Director general

pallgunnar [at] samkeppni.is

Pétur Magnús Birgisson
Economistpetur.m.birgisson [at] samkeppni.is

Sigrún EyjólfsdóttirLawyersigrun.eyjolfsdottir [at] samkeppni.is

Steingrímur Ægisson Division manager steingrimur [at] samkeppni.is

Valur Þráinsson Chief economist valur [at] samkeppni.is


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