News: 2021

Headline list

The Icelandic Competition Authority requests comments and views on the proposed merger of Marel Iceland hf. and Valka ehf. - 7/13/2021

The Competition Authority has received a notification of a merger due to the purchase by Marel Iceland ehf., a subsidiary of Marel hf., of shares in Valka ehf. The Competition Authority hereby requests comments and views from all stakeholders and others who may wish to comment on the merger.

Audiobooks and printed books likely form separate markets - 6/30/2021

The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) has published a market analysis into the Icelandic market for books. The analysis explores the markets for publication, wholesale and retail of books. 

ICA‘s investigation of Eimskip‘s collusion violations concluded with a settlement - 6/22/2021

ICA and Eimskip have signed a settlement following investigation of possible infringements of Article 10 of the Icelandic Competition Law and Article 53 of the EEA agreement by Eimskip and Samskip.