Measures to prevent price fixing in selling of tickets to premiership football games


The ICA has reached a settlement with the Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ). The case, which dates back to May this year, regards the publication of minimum resale prices on tickets for football matches in the premiership in Iceland, in a Handbook wich was published by KSÍ.

With this settlement a conduct that is detriment to competition, due to the possibility of it having the effect of coordinating prices, comes to an halt. At the same time the settlement ensures that this type of conduct will not occur again and promotes awarness and education about competition law for the staff and directors of KSÍ as well as to the members of the association, football clubs around the country.

Sports are a big part of the daily life for a vast group of people. Sport on the other hand differs from other types of commercial activity despite the fact that the economic part of sports is rapidly growing. When sports clubs or sport associations are enaged in an economic activity it is clear that they are subject to competition law.  With this settlement KSÍ has commited to make changes to it‘s behaviour and to make way for improved competition within the football movement in Iceland. The ICA did not consider it appropriate to impose a fine in this case
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