The Surveillance Committee of Skipti group on the Equal Access of Telecommunications Companies (ejaf) sets up a homepage


The Competition Authority and Skipti group made a settlement in March this year in order to close the cases the Authority was processing and which were related to Skipti group. This settlement is the substance in the decision no. 6/2013 of the Competition Authority. Under the settlement, substantial changes were made on the organisation of Skipti group and thereby on the Icelandic telecommunications market. The settlement and the decision are meant to ensure that the competitors of Siminn (a part of Skipti group) will have equal access as Siminn itself to the basic telecommunications network of Skipti.  A brief description of the substance of decision no. 6/2013 can be found in English here.

In this decision Skipti was instructed to set up a special surveillance committee on the equal access of telecommunications companies to the services of Mila (a part of Skipti group) and the wholesale of Siminn (another part of Skipti group). The role of the committee is i.a. to monitor the changes and that the conditions of the decision are adhered to. The committee is to tell the Competition Authority if the conditions of the decision are breached.

Skipti group chose the members of the committee, but it had to have the consent of the Competition Authority and the Post and Telecoms Authority for two of the members.  The committee started its work in July this year. The committee members are:

- Mr Gísli Heimisson, engineer, chairman

- Mr Stefán Geir Þórisson, Supreme Court attorney

- Mr Þorvarður Sveinsson, engineer

The committee has now set up a homepage (in Icelandic) where information on the procedural rules of the committee are accessible. The homepage of the committee is on Complaints and tips can be sent to the email address

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