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The merger of Orkan IS ehf., Skel fjárfestingafélags hf. and Wedo ehf.

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  • Case number: 19/2023
  • Date: 8/8/2023
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  • Summary

    The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) has examined the merger between Orkan IS ehf., Skel and Wedo ehf. Orkan IS ehf. is engaged in the market for retail sale of consumer goods and operates stores in their own name, 10-11 as well as Extra. Skel is an investment firmm and Wedo operates the online store Heimkaup, which specialises in home delivery services of groceries and other specialised products. The ICA concluded that there were no grounds to intervene because of the merger, as there were no indications that a dominant market position would be formed or that the merger would otherwise lead to a significant distortion of competition.