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Merger of FISK-Seafood ehf. and Steinunn hf

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  • Case number: 35/2021
  • Date: 23/9/2021
  • Company:
    • FISK-Seafood ehf.
    • Kiddi Dóri ehf.
    • Steinunn hf.
  • Sectors:
    • Consumer goods, supplies and etc.
  • Policy Area:
    • Mergers
  • Summary

    The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) has investigated Kiddi Dóri ehf.´s, a daughter company to FISK-Seafood ehf., acquisition of 60 pct. of the shares in Steinunn hf. FISK-Seafood, the parent company of Kiddi Dóri, is one of the larger fishing companies in Iceland, operating a total of five fishing vessels. Steinunn hf. operates the fishing vessel Steinunn SH-167. Following the merger investigation the ICA concluded that there were no grounds to intervene as there were neither indications that the merger would create a dominant position on the market nor would the merger lead to a significant distortion of competition.