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Merger of Hópsnes ehf. and Hringrás hf

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  • Case number: 32/2019
  • Date: 17/10/2019
  • Company:
    • Hringrás hf
    • Hópnes ehf
  • Sectors:
    • Environmental
  • Policy Area:
    • Mergers
  • Summary

    The Icelandic Competition Authority received a notification of the conglomerate merger between Hópsnes ehf. and Hringrás hf.

    The main point of overlap in market presence between the merging enterprises is through Hópsnes’s subsidiary HP Gámar whose operations consist of collection and processing of metals.

    Market conditions post-merger will still be characterised by the presence of strong competitors. Markets for waste treatment in Iceland are, according to ICA’s assessment, concentrated with relatively few competitors. This decision will not affect the ICA’s intention to keep said markets under observation. However, ICA’s assessment is that the merger at hand in this decision is not considered likely to affect competition. The ICA will therefore not intervene in the merger at hand.