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The merger of Ekran ehf. and Íslenskar matvörur ehf.

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  • Case number: 26/2017
  • Date: 7/7/2017
  • Company:
    • Ekran ehf.
    • Íslensk Matvara ehf.
  • Sectors:
    • Consumer goods, supplies and etc.
  • Policy Area:
    • Mergers
  • Summary

    The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) has reviewed a merger between Ekran ehf. and Íslenskar matvörur ehf. (ÍM). Ekran operates an import and retail company. The company's main objective is to offer its customers total solutions. It offers its customers all the food they need in their kitchen for catering and service to their customers. ÍM specializes in the import of foreign food products. The company operates for the most part in import and wholesale of meat and cheese. After investigating the merger the ICA deems that the merger will not lead to disruption of competition in the markets of the case. Therefore, there is no intervention in the merger on behalf of the ICA.