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Jeppavinir and associates’ violation of Articles 10 and 12 of the Competition Act.

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  • Case number: 30/2012
  • Date: 21/7/2015
  • Company:
    • Jeppavinir
  • Sectors:
    • Transport and travel affairs
  • Policy Area:
    • Cartels
  • Summary

    The Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) received a notification stating that Jeppavinir and parties of that association had violated Acts 10 and 12 of the Competition Act. Jeppavinir was asked for information on the matter and investigation showed that the accusations were well founded. In this decision the illegal collusion of parties of Jeppavinir and its member associations in the form of making and publishing standardized fare rates, making of business agreements and reoccurring communication about price fixing. All parties have made a settlement with the ICA.