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A request from Iceland GeoSurvey for excemption regarding article 10 of the Icelandic competition act due to negotions with energy companies for drilling measurment services.

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  • Case number: 20/2012
  • Date: 24/9/2012
  • Company:
    • Íslenskar orkurannsóknir
  • Sectors:
    • Energy
  • Policy Area:
    • Excemptions
  • Summary

    Íslenskar orkurannsóknir (ÍSOR) requested an exemption from Article 10 of the Competition Act no. 44/2005 on the grounds of Article 15 in the same law to make a joint contract with all energy companies in Iceland for services in well drilling measurements because of the undertakings difficult position due to the economic collapse. In the ICA's letter to ÍSOR it was pointed out that these contracts might be in violation of Article 10.  Furthermore, it was stated that according to Article 15 of the Competition Act the ICA can grant exemptions from Article 10 if certain restrictions are imposed. After investigation and the mending of the contract to meet the ICA's conditions, permission was granted for the cooperation.