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Merger of Fóðurblöndan hf. og Höndlun hef.

The Icelandic Competition Authority has investigated the merger between Fóðurblandan ehf. and Höndlun ehf. Fóðurblandan is owned partially by Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga, which owns a 49,21% stake in the company, and an additional 28,56% through its subsidiaries, FISK Seafood ehf. and Sauðárgil ehf., which stakes in Fóðurblandan are 24,91% and 3,65%. Fóðurblandan is one of the leading importer of feed for livestock, fertilizers and other products for agriculture in Iceland. Fóðurblandan has two subsidiaries, Kornhlaðan ehf. and Bústólpi ehf. Höndlun is owned by Dictum ehf. Höndlun runs two pig farms, at Hýrumel and Brautarholti, owning the former but leasing the latter. Höndlun does not run a slaughterhouse or any other kind of factory for the processing of pork or related products. The Icelandic Competition authority has concluded, following an investigation, that  the merger will not lead to a harmful concentration. Consequently, the Icelandic Competition Authority holds that there are no grounds to intervene in this merger on the basis of Article 17 of the Icelandic Competition Act.